Therapy that HEALS.

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Our organization is aimed at providing assistance to women, men, children, and families in the mental health and wellness arena. We offer diversity initiatives, education, community, and family support services to best help our community lead a wholesome life. We also offer additional resources to individuals, families, and children all over Nevada as well as support our local schools.


Our organization provides technical and humanitarian assistance within various programs.


We pride ourselves on not only educating our clients about themselves but also knowledge of how to keep a healthy lifestyle.


Our facility provides crystal clear alkaline water and healthy snacks.


We provide Individual Counseling and group sessions in the Henderson and Las Vegas area.

Last Year
We helped over 100
people in the city of Las Vegas.

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When we talk about health, we can’t just focus on heart health, or liver health, or brain health, and not whole health. You have to see the whole person, and make use of the tools and resources that benefit minds and bodies together.
We challenge ourselves each day to make small changes – both physically and mentally – to create huge gains for our overall health and wellbeing.
Nearly one in five Americans may experience some form of mental illness each year. For many of these individuals work is key to their health, contributing to a sense of purpose and wellbeing. Here at Serenity we find it important that our staff understands how to keep a mental health-friendly work culture.
Serenity Wellness Center Intensive Outpatient Programs are for individuals needing a structured therapy program that offers counseling and education in a group setting. Clinicians work with physicians on the medical staff to provide daily support and a safe place to talk, learn problem-solving skills and practice stress-reduction techniques.

These programs include:

Working Professionals Program
Adult Addiction Treatment
Adolescent Psychiatric Care
Eating Disorders
Grief and Loss
Depression and Anxiety
Anger Management

Our company pledges to grow our resources to meet the growing needs of our community.

FollowOur team is on a mission to help all individuals overcome life’s challenges

Therapy: Individual Therapy to counsel Individuals so they may better understand their mental health temperament.
NeurobioFeedback: through the use of heart rate variability and neurobiofeedback we are able to provide detailed understanding of how breathing exercises can help with the overall improvement of mental health.
IOP: We also have a host of IOP classes to help all individuals who experience anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and anger management.

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10 Programs

Organized and facilitated in order to help uplift and counsel those in our current community.

Over 6 Employees

We work hard to provide high quality dedicated services to our community.

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A New LevelUnlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Sound Mind = Sound Living

Our goal is to make our clients more self sufficient overall and even make sure they are well equipped to be just that.

We help others.

Our programs are designed to aid those in the community who need assistance to address their problems.

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Setup an appointment today to speak with one our representatives and also to learn more about current programs and services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Darya Shahbazy Myra Haynes ( The dynamic duo)

5.0 rating
October 10, 2019

Myra Haynes and Darya Shahbazy is the dynamic duo you want to know and trust with your family and friends who struggle with mental health concerns. They are passionate about the clientele they serve. Being on both sides of the business they know what it takes to help mentally challenged individuals. Both Myra and Darya know about stigmas in health because it’s so important and I am thrilled to see these strong beautiful entrepreneurs breaking the stigma and creating a safe space for individuals with mental health challenges. Continue to be the change in the world you want to see! Blessings.

Nichole Henderson


5.0 rating
October 10, 2019

Darya is an amazing bilingual compassionate therapist. She truly a beautiful spirit-filled therapist.

Nichole Henderson

I will definitely be back!

5.0 rating
September 4, 2019

I was so nervous going into Serenity today for my first therapy appointment. Myra made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. I will definitely be back!

Louise R.


5.0 rating
September 4, 2019

Jenn was so down to Earth and very relatable and easy to talk to. I would highly suggest anyone looking for a therapist to go see her.



5.0 rating
August 9, 2019

One of the best visits I have had. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I felt safe comfortable and understood. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for therapy.

Sharon M.